Technology for covid19 recovery model in Singapore

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As of 18th May 2020, 88% of the covid19 cases are Work Permit holders living in Dormitories. This also means that all of them will be returning to the workforce soon when they have recovered. So what happens next? Singapore is using a device that is given to every worker to monitor their oxygen level and can help detect early signs of a deterioration in health

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It is important for Singapore to provide medical support in the recovery phase of covid19. This helps to ensure that workers living in the dorms are supervised and are well enough to eventually return to work

MyCLNQ wants to be part of this. Our app may not be popular among the work permit holders in Singapore but we are definitely looking to change this by

  • Giving them e-vouchers to use in case of the need for non-emergency medical transport
  • Contact relevant companies that have employees that are made up of work permit holders to educate them on how to use our app

The team at MyCLNQ feels that EVERYONE should have the knowledge and access to simpler healthcare especially during this time when everyone is using a smartphone. If they can use Facebook, they will definitely be able to navigate our user-friendly app.

We hope to kickstart this project by early June to ensure that we are doing our part as a company to help Singapore in this difficult time

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