Seeing a Doctor during Covid19 quarantine period: MyCLNQ to support the demand

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We are seeing impressive growth of online doctor consultation worldwide because of the pandemic. This action is necessary to supply the demand of people who are unwell but not because of covid19

There are still children who need to see the paediatrician or elderly who are unwell due to hypertension or other diseases that are no longer accepted as walk-ins at the hospital.

Though the medical infrastructure in Singapore is good, most companies or people who are serving their Stay Home Notice at the designated hotels are advised to seek online medical consultations. There are a number of digital health startups that provide video consultations where patients can now keep track of heir health without compromising the social distancing and self-isolation norms.

MyCLNQ is continuously improving our app to make healthcare experience seamless and simple for everyone. We are currently working on adding this new feature to our app at soonest possible considering the high demand.

Our video doctor consultation will also be available in all 4 languages (Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, English) in support of the elderly who may not speak English as their first language

More features aside from the video consultation are coming your way this year so please stay updated by following our telegram channel or our FB/IG

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