Don’t eat less, eat smart!

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If you want to eat more, it is simple! be mindful of your choices. People tend to eat more because their choices of food are NOT nutritious.

Take a look at that example; for just a cheeseburger and coke the calories is still higher than consuming 5 nutritious food. This is why when people who love eating fast food are hungry all the time. The food is not nutritious but the calories content is very high. This is also the reason for weight gain.


Download a helpful app that allows you to track your nutrients intake including calories goals. For example, MyFitnessPal is great for you to track your meals.

Always be mindful of carbs.

-Switch your white rice to cauliflower rice
-Switch your potatoes to pumpkin
– Instead of deep-frying your fries, air-fry it and don’t add salt

We should all strive to eat better but do not starve yourself. You can still enjoy food without getting fat or unhealthy. Start being mindful to the things you put inside your body. These are precautions you can take to not fall sick and live a long and healthy life.

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