When To Worry About Finding Lumps And Bumps On Your Body

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Bumps and lumps in the body certainly come off as unnatural and may cause one to worry about what they entail. Could it be caused by something concerning, such as cancer, or just a minor health issue?

To better understand what these lumps could mean and when one should and should not worry, it is essential first to know what to look for in a lump and understand what they are.

Are all lumps and bumps worrying?

Fortunately, most lumps are harmless and should not cause concern. Many medical or skin conditions can give rise to these lumps on the skin’s surface or below it.

Characteristics of a harmless lump

Lumps that are not a sign of a serious health issue usually possess the following distinct characteristics:

  • Mobile, which means they move and change form when touched
  • Soft
  • Found on the uppermost or fat layer of the skin
  • Grow in size and becomes painful with activity but diminishes with rest

Lumps from physical activity

Athletes of all kinds experience the occasional lump resulting from constant training and exercise, competitions, and other physical activity.

If your lump is connected to these same reasons or a specific trauma, it is recommended to follow the RICE method, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Should the lump improve over time, it is a reassuring sign that it is benign. Otherwise, it is best to seek help as soon as possible, preferably with means that allows you to consult a virtual doctor in Singapore so you can get advice immediately.


A common condition that can cause lumps is cysts, sac-like pockets of membranous tissue that can appear anywhere on the body containing fluid, air, or other substances.

The usual cysts include ganglion cysts, rounded lumps housing a jelly-like fluid that typically appears on tendons and joints and Baker’s cysts, which bulge behind the knee.

When you should see a doctor

In rare cases, unexplained lumps and swellings could signify more serious health issues like cancer. Cancerous bumps generally appear spontaneously, are large in size, hard, and painless when touched while growing steadily over time.

These lumps that can be felt externally typically appear in the testicles, neck, breast, arms, and legs.

Adult soft tissue sarcoma

Adult soft tissue sarcoma is a rare type of cancerous bump that can form virtually anywhere on the body but generally develops in the arms, legs, chest, or region behind the abdomen named retroperitoneum. It is a disease wherein malignant cells form in the body’s soft tissues, and in its early stages, it rarely ever causes symptoms because they are still deep inside the tissue.

Soft tissue sarcoma can become rather large before they cause symptoms due to being embedded deep in the body. They commonly feel like bumps or masses and may be painful. If they develop in the abdomen, they may induce nausea, pain, and a sensation of being full.

Other causes

Aside from adult soft tissue sarcoma, other conditions can cause swelling and new lumps to appear as well. While they may not warrant immediate care, they still need to be monitored and may require you to book an online medical consultation for a doctor’s opinion.

These conditions are:

  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Tendinitis


For the most part, lumps are nothing severe and pose no issue to your well-being. Nonetheless, it is important not to discount the small per cent wherein it could be due to a more severe case.

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