SSIVIX Lab Celebrates The Receiving Of A Brands For Good Award

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Recently, SSIVIX Lab has won the Honouree Award at the Brands for Goods, indicating their status as a company that makes a difference and is committed to continuing to make a positive impact on society.

This year, SSIVIX Lab has celebrated a remarkable period as a brilliant telemedicine and provider of telehealth in Singapore amid a catastrophic global pandemic.

Special mention goes to SSIVIX Lab’s MyCLNQ app, a Digital Health Ecosystem that combines Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Big Data technology to manage everyone’s primary and home care needs, especially the ageing population.

What is Brands for Good?

Brands for Good is a non-profit organisation that organises an awards programme annually. This award ceremony more than highlights a job well done. It also celebrates businesses that made a significant and positive contribution to society.

The awards are also co-hosted by prominent organisations such as IPOS Society, International Intellectual Property Commercialisation Council Singapore and CEO Asia. The 2021/2022 award ceremony is the fourth programme, with 36 companies being honoured out of 80.

Several winners, including SSIVIX Lab, are honoured for their efforts to maintain sustainability and utilise technology to give society better services.

These 36 companies were deemed worthy of the award by thirteen distinguished experts, who reviewed the companies based on several factors: mission, values, overall impact, growth, accountability and stakeholder engagement.

The Brands for Good 2021/2022 awards are centred around the theme of giving a hand to local businesses to find, as co-chairman Alan Ng puts it, “their ethical voices.”

According to the co-chairman, these voices agree with the present-time ethical customers. The brands should “focus on brand innovation and digital transformation” to persist, improve, and thrive in the current pandemic world. This would allow a competitive spirit, even during a challenging time.

Mr. Ng wishes to continue this yearly tradition of recognising brands that create a positive impact and extend it beyond Singapore. He hopes that recognising the influential behaviour of the award-winning businesses will motivate other organisations to follow suit and result in a larger community of organisations that will contribute positively to society.

Hence, the organising committee also wishes to let this award programme as a catalyst for various companies to tell their stories to inspire other companies to follow their footsteps, creating a rippling effect that will help Singapore.

Technology for Good

To recap, the Brands for Good 2021/2022 awards comprise four categories: Business for Good, Technology for Good, Capital for Good and Leadership for Good.

In particular, the category SSIVIX Lab won the Honouree Award in, Technology for Good, zones in on businesses that use tech to tackle social and/or environmental challenges.

Because persevering health is the common theme, SSIVIX Lab fits this criterion perfectly. Using health technology, digital media, and mobile devices, the team has developed the MyCLNQ app, which has made patients, carers, and healthcare more accessible navigation towards the necessary data and information.

This helps improve healthcare and social care quality while ensuring that the needs of the ageing and elderly population are being met while allowing the elderly to stay safe from the ongoing pandemic.

Moreover, the telehealth and telemedicine service provided by the app gives the citizens the remote care they need should they contract something that requires medical attention.

Hence, they are also recognised for helping the people receive the medical care they need through the app, even if they are affected by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

As Mr. Ng mentioned, businesses that are centred on green initiatives and meeting the current needs without affecting the future generations, deserve to be acknowledged and praised.


Aside from this award, SSIVIX Lab has won the Best MedTech Solutions Provider in 2021 under the private healthcare awards, thanks to their MyCLNQ Health app. Hence, you can be assured of their effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Should you be in need for any medical help, the MyCLNQ app is here for you. As Singapore’s leading telehealth app and telemedicine provider, you can now access online medical consultations or even call for a private ambulance service in Singapore.

All you need to do is download the MyCLNQ app, and the range of medical services will be accessible with a single tap.

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