Preparing for your Wisdom Teeth Surgery : What to do before

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Preparing for your wisdom teeth surgery is a great idea for a peace of mind afterwards. Here are some tips that should be on your checklist prior to the surgery.

1.Have a good meal before the surgery. You may want to eat meat because you will be on soft food diet after the surgery. Have a balance meal that is protein rich.

2. Remember to floss and brush your teeth well after meal and before the surgery. This is to ensure that mouth and teeth is clean so that the Dentist can start the surgery and to reduce the risk of wound infection.

3. Arrange a transportation or bring someone with you to the surgery. This is to ensure your own well-beingbecause you may feel disoriented due to anesthesia from the surgery

4.Prepare a soft meal for after the surgery. This means food that require less chewing. Your gums will have holes and it will be painful to have food stuck in there whilst its healing.

Get organised ! Do your grocery shopping for your soft meal diet for the next 10- 15 days. Be ready for your surgery because you need to relax to heal faster.

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