5 ways to combat the Haze in Singapore | How Haze can affect your health

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The air quality in Singapore remains unhealthy. Because of the current condition, many of us are falling sick. Depending on how sensitive you are and the severity of the haze, some Singaporeans may experience the short-term adverse effects like sore throat, cough, irritated dry eyes, headaches.

But the good news is the haze condition will improve in the following days and we have put together 6 ways on how you can combat the Haze.

5 ways to combat the Haze

  1. Wear a N95 mask: When the PSI reaches unhealthy levels of 101-200 and If you’re going to be outdoor longer than 3 hours. So wearing a mask is optional but a great way to also prevent bacteria and germs in public places where some people might be sick.
  2. Dry throat and cough |Stay hydrated : Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water to help flush out the toxins. TIP : You can add aloe vera or lemon to your water to increase hydration and sooth your throat at the same time
  3. Dry troubled skin | Wash your face and hands regularly : To remove the pollution particles that linger on the skin’s surface
  4. Weakened Immune System| Eat more fruits & green leafy vegetables : To boost your immune system try including fruit juice like Orange every morning and noon!
  5. Stay indoors for clean air:  If possible , limit your time outdoors during this haze period. And when you’re indoors, turn on the Air-Conditioner or Air Purifier to ensure that the air in your house is clean

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