SSIVIX Lab Has Been Featured In Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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The MedTech ecosystem is now thriving more than ever before – just last year, there were roughly 300 home-grown MedTech companies in Singapore, and industry experts believe that the trend will carry on as technology paves the way for more convenient and efficient healthcare.

Capitalising on the devices and technology that everyone uses daily, such as our smartphones and smartwatches, SSIVIX Lab continues to strive towards its mission of enabling the digital health ecosystem to better serve communities.

Recently, we were lucky enough to be featured in Swiftnlift Business Magazine to share more about SSIVIX Lab and what we do. Here are the key takeaways from the conversation with our founder.

Improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare: MyCLNQ

Featuring built-in artificial intelligence (AI), SSIVIX Lab has made it possible for anyone to now easily search for the nearest clinic and book an appointment with a doctor using the MyCLNQ app.

If that isn’t a viable option, telemedicine and online consultations are also available – allowing anyone to receive the help they need from qualified doctors and caregivers in the comfort of their home. The growth of telehealth services has greatly accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and MyCLNQ ensures that every family has access to prompt treatment and management of their medical needs, regardless of their age.

Having formed strategic partnerships with various leading healthcare institutions in Singapore, MyCLNQ has found a seamless and cost-effective solution to address the region’s unmet healthcare needs.

Giving back to society through MedTech 

Being able to take an active part in improving the community and neighbourhoods, especially the geriatric and ageing population is what drives the team at SSIVIX Lab.

Despite the initial setbacks encountered in adopting a technology-based digital health ecosystem, we have managed to successfully converge both to increase the overall patient experience and satisfaction, as well as lowering the cost needed for accessible healthcare.

There are currently no challengers that provide such comprehensive services as SSIVIX Lab. Our digital healthcare services make it affordable and convenient to consult a professional online doctor in Singapore, book a private ambulance or obtain essential medical products.

Every individual has unique healthcare needs, and SSIVIX Lab addresses all these and more in one compact ecosystem.

A bright future ahead

We believe the Health and MedTech industry will continue to flourish in the years ahead with the collection of more data and as more advanced technologies enter the market.

Digital transformation has been crucial in driving the adoption of telehealth, and we will likely see more personalised care and medicine being received from hospitals to the home.

We also foresee our technology helping to improve access to quality primary health care (PHC) for resource-constrained countries that are experiencing chronic infrastructure deficits or shortages of the trained health workforce, in addition to increasing the number of digital options available to end patients while keeping it economical and easy to implement.

As SSIVIX Lab continues to innovate and push our boundaries, positive communication, building a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, and team spirit have and will be vital in realising our vision and mission.

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