Himawari, e-Health MyCLNQ sign commercial partnership agreement

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Himawari Hotel Apartments and e-Health MyCLNQ Global Co. Ltd. yesterday signed a commercial partnership agreement involving health kits for travellers.

The telehealth platform e-Health MyCLNQ is a joint venture health tech company between Cambodia health tech Pethyoeung and Singapore health tech MyCLNQ Health. Its Health Kit contains generic medicines for fever, headache, anti-diarrhea, gas or vomiting, anti-sore throat tablets, handyplasts, and vitamin C tablets.

Tourists can use the ‘doctor video call’ option to receive medicine delivered at the hotel.

The agreement was signed at the Himawari Hotel Apartments by Andrew Tay, Director of Himawari Hotel Apartments, and Socheat Bin, Chief Executive Officer, e-Health MyCLNQ.

Talking about the significance of the agreement, Tay said: “Today, I am pleased to announce our cooperation with e-Health MyCLNQ Global Co. Ltd., believing our cooperation is timely, as everyone is excited over the Southeast Asian Games.”

Cambodia hosts the 32nd Southeast Asian Games from May 5 to 17, 2023.

“During this period, Himawari will host athletes from several nations. The service from e-Health MyCLNQ will actually help add value by providing healthcare travel kits, especially during this special occasion and beyond. Support for health-related, non-emergency medical assistance is essential in Cambodia as the region progresses, and the expectations of travellers will also grow. Their sense of health and well-being is critical to their travel experiences. Therefore, today is an important milestone for both companies,” Tay added.

On the introduction of health kits, Bin said: “Himawari showed that it is concerned about the healthcare of visitors and thus becomes the first hotel in Phnom Penh to include healthcare kits for travellers. The tourists have to feel more safe and more secure, in terms of access to healthcare.”

As per the terms of the e-Health MyCLNQ app, the package is valid for 30 days, and the coupon can be used to consult doctors online once. The medicine prescribed by the doctor is subject to cost based on the prescription.

The medicine delivery would be free within a 20 km distance and anything more than 20 km would be subject to an additional delivery charge of 50 cents per kilometer.

Officials stated that the video consultation should be from the app and that all items in the kit are valid for six months from the purchase date.

Users can also receive support from customer service if they are confused by the procedures.

It said that the medicine delivery at the doorstep will be 2-3 hours for those orders placed before 7 pm, and any order placed after 7 pm will be delivered the next day before 12 pm.

If travellers experience health problems, they can use the app with easy steps to consult the doctor.

They can follow simple steps such as clicking video consult, selecting doctor, selecting symptoms, in an appointment clicking apply a coupon, submitting a request, inputting a coupon code, and clicking apply.

Perched on the idyllic setting of the Tonle Sap River on the banks of the Chaktomuk River, Himawari Hotel Apartments is a five-star establishment. Visitors enjoy the splendid views of the Mekong Delta in a tranquil resort haven. The Himawari Hotel Apartments was first launched as Micasa Hotel Apartments on 20 June 2001 by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

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