Getting Enough Sleep? 4 Signs That May Prove Otherwise

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Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is integral to our health and performance during waking hours. However, as modern life increasingly becomes more hectic due to work or personal responsibilities, it is not uncommon for people to begin sacrificing more and more to meet what is expected of them, primarily their sleep time.

While many claim that they have successfully adjusted to shorter rest periods to stay on top of their responsibilities, that rarely, if ever, equates to having good quality sleep. This is especially true if you suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia and need a good night’s sleep even more.

Below, we discuss why sleep quality should not be neglected and the telltale signs you may need to spare more time to rest.

What is sleep quality? Why does it matter?

Sleep quality is wholly different from that of sleep quantity in that it measures just how well one sleeps regularly. Unlike sleep quantity, which is easily measured by determining the number of hours of sleep per night, gauging sleep quality is more of an art than science, typically defined by the characteristics below:

  • Falling asleep as soon as getting into bed, usually within 30 minutes or less
  • Sleeping straight through the night and waking no more than once
  • Falling back asleep within 20 minutes or less if ever awakened
  • Getting the recommended amount of sleep hours based on your age group
  • Feeling rested and energised upon waking

4 signs you may need to improve your sleep time and quality

You have trouble waking up on time without an alarm

Waking up naturally without the need for an alarm clock is one of the primary indicators of a good night’s rest, which is something that you may have experienced already during your off days.

Compared to being awakened by an alarm clock, there is no doubt that your feeling upon getting up is wholly different in more ways than one, such as not wanting to lay back down to get more sleep.

You cannot do without a caffeine boost

If you rarely need caffeine to start your day, that is a clear sign that you have regularly been getting good quality sleep. Moreover, this also applies if you do not need to get a dose of caffeine to stay alert to get through the afternoons or generally do not crave it at all.

Your weight may have slowly increased

A lack of good sleep has been attributed to weight gain. The National Sleep Foundation states that, on average, the less amount of sleep one gets, the more they weigh in turn and are likely to put on excess pounds down the line.

In contrast, with enough good quality sleep, the body’s hormones can function optimally and result in normal insulin production, feelings of fullness, and a balanced appetite. All these contribute to maintaining your weight or even losing some despite not having a perfect diet or a lack of regular exercise.

You frequently crave junk food 

As touched on above, sleep controls our diet. The lack of good quality sleep can affect our bodily hormones, primarily increasing levels of ghrelin and decreasing leptin which leads to hunger and a greater appetite.

Combined with overall tiredness, one will frequently crave more junk food rich in carbohydrates and sugar to stave off hunger and fatigue.


Sleeping is the only time when our bodies get to recover from a long day at work and prepare themselves for the challenges of the following day. Without a good night’s sleep, you are likely to notice the signs above and more noticeable symptoms, such as drowsiness in the day and irritability, which could ultimately affect your performance at work and your relationships. If you need help getting better sleep, it is recommended to seek professional help via telemedicine in Singapore.

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