COVID-19 And Mental Health: Ways To Be Kind To Your Mind

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Quarantine has disrupted our lives in a way that we would never have fathomed a couple years ago. Undoubtedly, this had also impacted our mental well-being, as the challenges of being distant from our loved ones and having to work from home can be difficult for many of us to cope with.

Even healthcare has moved online, and many are now turning to telemedicine in Singapore. Despite all this, there are many ways we can maintain and improve our mental health during this tumultuous period. So, if you find yourself feeling the blues, here are some ways you could attempt to keep up your spirits amidst our new normal.

Keep Your Hands Busy

Quarantine might be the best time to find yourself a new hobby and discover interests such as baking or crafts. In addition, getting into a hobby could bring us joy in such times, appealing to our natural sense of curiosity and thirst for adventure.

More importantly, hobbies serve as a more productive distraction from the problems we are facing. Distractions are said to help us cope in tough times as it takes our minds off things. So, why not have some fun with the materials you can find at home? You might even be pleasantly surprised at what you can come up with!

Exercise Regularly

“Being in quarantine has made me gained weight!” is probably a common phrase that we hear these days. Before quarantine, many of us would probably have been more physically active, but there’s no excuse not to move your body.

We can still stay fit at home, but instead of taking walks, we would have to adopt a HIIT routine. Whatever it is, exercise can strengthen our muscles and is an excellent way for us to relieve stress and improve our sleep quality.

Try switching your routine around to keep things fun and interesting, all while challenging your mind and body in a good way!

Get Creative To Connect With Loved Ones

Social distancing measures has caused many of us to feel more lonely due to the lack of physical interaction with our friends and family. Some of us might even find ourselves getting so comfortable with the loneliness that we get withdrawn from our loved ones.

In this case, we could develop more creative ways to connect with our friends and family. Be it Zoom, Skype or even TikTok, social media is a helpful platform we can use during quarantine to keep ourselves connected with the world.

If you are afraid of this contributing to your already too-long screen time, you could opt instead to go old school and mail out letters physically! Either way, staying connected with your loved ones is a way to keep them close through these tough times by giving and receiving moral support from one another.

Take Some Time For Yourself

When we work from home, our hours become more flexible. It is good that we can do work at our own pace, but without fixed hours, we tend to get caught up doing work even after the hours we have put in. In addition, as we cannot enjoy ourselves outside, working becomes something that takes over a significant part of our lives.

Remember to take some time for yourself to do something you enjoy every day. Be it an hour or just five minutes, this will make a major difference towards building a resilient and healthy mind.


If you find yourself in need of medical aid or support during this period but unable to go down to your frequented family clinic, you can always count on telehealth. With the MyCLNQ app, you can now consult with a virtual doctor in Singapore and receive sound recommendations in the comfort of your home.

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