Community effort can help us slow the spread of COVID-19

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commuinty effort educating public about covid19

The team at MyCLNQ has been sharing news and updates regarding Covid19. We believe that every company should play a part in defending the country against this virus.

As Lui Tuck Yew, Singapore’s Ambassador to China, quoted
“We have set up multiple lines of defence to reduce the risk of imported cases and local community transmission, and we have been stepping up our efforts at each line of defence.”

One of the defence is EDUCATING the public. To reduce community spread, one of Singapore’s successful defence measure is public education messages. These were focused on personal hygiene and seeking early medical care and self-isolation when having respiratory symptoms.

some of our social media posts aim to educate the public regarding COVID19

As a Healthcare App, we want to be part of this defence. MyCLNQ has been sharing tips and updates regarding the COVID-19. Follow us now

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