Braces Style : Looking good & confident , Colour guides

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We know how daunting and embarrassing it can be when you first got your braces. It takes time to love your braces and get used to the new look. Don’t let this temporary issue affect your confidence!

Here are some useful tips on how to feel and look good with your braces!

  1. Always bring along your chapstick or lip balm. Because using braces might cause your lips to dry or bruised, ensure to moisture your lips at all times. TIP: Use a tinted lip balm to add some colour to your lips
  2. Coat your mouth area with Vaseline every night before you sleep. Your lips and the skin surrounding it will thank you the next morning
  3. Use a good face moisturiser every day

I think we can all agree that the most exciting part about braces is choosing the colour of your braces each time you get it tighten! Here are some tips to inspire you

Mix and match colours! Use the color wheel to help you with your decision!
If you wish to mix the colours, the easiest way is to mix the colour of the opposite side ( primary with secondary )

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