4 Helpful Advice To Prevent Developing Chronic Back Pain

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The workplace environment has drastically transformed over the past few decades. For most of us, our reality comprises being cooped up in a cubicle, sedentary for 8 hours throughout the day. Unfortunately, this paved the way for one particular health problem: back pain. This pain is usually a consequence of bodily trauma, such as when you experience a fall or an accident. At present, however, this pain is ubiquitous simply due to our sedentary lifestyle.

Of course, sitting for hours on end is not the only factor that leads to back pain. Other factors include one’s weight, poor posture, and back-straining activities. Fortunately, there are several ways you can rectify the problem. Besides relying on telemedicine in Singapore alone, get to know 4 helpful advice that can help you prevent chronic back pain today and in the future.

1. Watch your posture

You may have heard this advice many times already, but it’s still one of the most effective ways of preventing or minimising back pain. By simply correcting your posture, whether you’re walking about, standing still, or sitting in front of your desk, you’re already preventing damage and pain to your back.

To aid in this corrective effort, here’s a couple of key tips to follow: avoid slouching no matter the position you’re in and use an ergonomically-correct chair or workstation. Consider utilising a laptop stand to bring your laptop screen to eye-level, preventing you from straining your neck. Keeping yourself in check and maintaining good posture may cause some discomfort at first, but it’s worth it to keep your back strong and maintain its natural curve.

2. Stick to a regular exercise schedule

Exercising and moving around is a crucial deterrent to back pain. The reason for this is because our muscles need constant activity to maintain their form and function. If there’s a lack of this activity, muscle atrophy can occur and cause you to hurt your back and other body parts even from just simple movements.

It’s also best to keep in mind the proper technique when exercising, to prevent any pulling of muscle or the like. A few exercises, such as weight lifting, can be taxing to your back if done incorrectly, so ensure that you get the proper form and maintain it until the end of each variation.

3. Maintain a proper diet

Studies have shown that there’s a relationship between being overweight or obese with chronic back pain. This is because the extra weight adds more stress to your body’s joints and especially your back. Thus, by simply eating right, you promote wellness to your overall health and, most importantly, it allows you to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Sleep on your side

As much as possible, refrain from sleeping on your back but your side instead. Place a pillow between your knees as this will keep your pelvis, hips and spine in better alignment. If you must sleep on your stomach, then don’t forget to put a pillow under your lower abdomen. This helps avoid the stress that can accumulate in the space between your discs.

Additionally, it’d be best to invest in a mattress and pillows that sport back-supporting characteristics.


 By rectifying certain lifestyle habits early on, you can prevent and save your future self from back pain. It’s not only painful, but it could possibly be debilitating – temporary and worse, permanently.

If ever you experience any sort of back pain, it’s best to consult a doctor online immediately. With the MyCLNQ app, your medical needs can be fulfilled all in one place. From booking a private ambulance to seeing a doctor online, you can reach professional medical assistance with just a few clicks. Getting help to relieve yourself from back pain has never gotten easier!

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